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Book Writing #3

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Where I have been

It has been a while since I have updated you about my WIP. I didn’t stop writing after week 2, I actually won Camp Nano for the first time ever. After Camp was over, I wrote a lot, then took a long break. It was getting very overwhelming and mentally exhausting because my book is about MH.

A few months later, I was struck by some huge plot changes that needed to be implemented, but it meant that most of the words already written had to go to the trash bin. I started working on my WIP, then fell into melancholy once again. It wasn’t just the story I am writing, but also my lifestyle and job weighing me down all of the time. 

Now that I am finally kind of doing well mentally, I want to immerse myself into a creative project that I could finish without triggering my MH. It is like my brain has now connected writing and falling into the blues with each other, and I need to format that forlorn drive, and rewrite it before that connection is set in stone.

So I have decided to write and publish a book by the end of 2019. I already have an idea. It is inspired by a very weird dream I had almost two years ago. I bet some people reading this post actually know which dream I am talking about. 

It is just going to be a fun project for me to make in order to go back to my mental health WIP and finish it victoriously. This new project won’t revolve around MH, although knowing how my brain works, I am expecting myself to weave it into the story. Even then, though, it won’t be like my MH WIP, where I personify Mental illnesses and all of the main characters are struggling with their MH.

If you want to join me on this journey of igniting my creative flames again, I will be updating you weekly on my blog, and even more often than that on Twitter.  


The Plan

I will make a schedule and some trackers for me to stick to. Here is what I plan doing.

Feb 18th- March 10th: Outlining

March 12th to May 13th: Writing

May 18th to June 18th: Editing

June 19th – July 20th: Critique Partners read WIP

July 21st- August 20th: 2nd Round of Edits

August 21st- September 22nd: Beta readers

September 25th- October 24th: Last Round of Edits 

October 24th- November 20th: An Editor edits WIP + Graphic Designer creates the Cover

November 21st to December 20th: Focus on Book Launch campaign + Last minute things

December 25th: Publish the book!


I will tell you more about the storyline next week. For now, all I am saying is it includes Jins, Angels, Humans, and Demons.

Till next time,


Have you ever self-published your book? Do you have any tips or suggestions?



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