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Book Review of Star-Crossed: A storyline that is very unique and weird and a bit hard to swallow.

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Princess Vela’s people are starving.

Stranded on a planet that lacks food, Vela makes the ultimate sacrifice and becomes an Aegis for her people. Accepting a genetic modification that takes sixty years off her life, she can feed her colony via nutrition pills. But her best friend is still getting worse. And she’s not the only one.

Now the king is dying, too.

When the boy she’s had a crush on since childhood volunteers to give his life for her father’s, Vela realizes her people need more than pills to survive. As tensions rise between Aegis and colonists, secrets and sabotage begin to threaten the future of the colony itself.

Unless Vela is brave enough to save them all

2.pngMy Review


It is no secret to anyone who has been following my blog that I consider Pintip Dunn the Queen of YA SFF! Her novels never fail to hook me up, and Star-Crossed is no anomaly to that.

The core idea of the story itself is very unique and weird and bit hard to swallow, but it makes me wonder if this dystopian world is a sad depiction of tomorrow.

In this world, where the is a shortage of food, a system was established to ensure that no one is left to starve to death. It is not the safest, not even the fairest, by that is the system they created and followed. We have the Aegis, they are one of the only people( besides others I won’t mention because I am trying to avoid spoilers), who get to eat real food. In fact, they eat it excessively so the nutrients could then be extracted from them to make the pills. Those pills are what the rest of the colony eats to sustain their nutritional needs. In hindsight, Aegis eat food but live shorter cause their bodies are used as vehicles to generated enough pills to prevent starvation, while the rest of the colony never get to eat any food, they live longer.

I really loved the cast of characters, and what they added to the story. Vela is so empathetic, while her sister is a bit bitchy but more realistic with what could be achieved. The king is unlike any other dystopian world ruler. He is surprisingly just, and actually cares about his people. He might have fucked up some stuff, but he is kind at heart.

The world building and the love subplot were both amazing. Two factors of fiction writing that Pintip excels at.

I was all over the moon when I saw a sequel is in the works! Unlike how most dystopian novels that end up the ” finally good changes are coming”, where we never see what happens next, we’ll finally be able to the turn of events. This is very exciting because the hardship doesn’t end with change approaching, it actually gets multiplied by a hundred.

I know this review is very late, but as I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I have been in a bad place, and I am currently finding my way out of it. Can’t wait for the sequel to come out!

I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Did you read Star-Crossed? What are your thoughts on the storyline? Have you read anything by Pintip Dunn?


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