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10 Days of… #1 / Doing 1 Hour of Yoga!


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I have challenged myself to practice 1 hour of yoga daily, for 10 days straight. Here is what happened.

P.S: All of those videos are from Adriene’s Youtube channel, Yoga with Adriene. If you are into yoga, you probably know her. If not, check her out. She is so funny and amazing that she will help you get through those exhausting poses.

Before the 1st day started, I sat down and researched the videos that I will be watching during the following ten days. However, I ended up adding a few more throughout the 10 days. My “plan” was supposed to have things that I do daily(Pink), and things that I do extra( Orange). Those extra things would vary from day to day.

If you want to have access to my 10 Days of Yoga playlist, click here.



As you can see, I didn’t really reach my goal on most days; however, this helped me figure out what my body and mind actually need, and what doesn’t work for me.


Number one: Gentle Morning Yoga

I only did it on the first day, then skipped it till day 10. Now, why did I ditch this almost every day, when I have been doing morning yoga for the past couple of weeks? Well, the one I used to do consistently was only 5 minutes long, and this one is 22! Laziness wasn’t why I ditched that video, but something that I have realized now that I am looking at it from the outside looking in.

When I wake up, despite how tired I am, those first couple of hours are what I could squeeze in the most amount of work in. 5 minutes helped with waking up my mind and stretching my body, but the 22 minutes one felt like I have been robbed of the most precious time I have. And this is why I am sticking to the 5 minutes one.

Number 5: Yoga for weight loss.

I didn’t start yoga in order to lose weight, but as an alternative to working out because those leave me knocked off on the couch for five hours, thanks to my mixed headaches. This video seemed to help me not only challenge my body and sweat without leaving me dizzy, but also actually feel energized and recharged. I still struggle with it, and it makes question why am I torturing myself, but the after effect is just so heavenly and absolutely worth it.

The Perfect combo ( 3 then 2)

I struggle with migraines on the daily, and medications are not doing much. However, this combo is just pure magic. And I have to do both!!! The pain doesn’t go away, but after finishing this combo, the pain is 10% less and my energy is 30% more. After that, I GO GET SHIT DONE WHEEEEEEEEEE!!

Number 10: Wind- Relieving Pose

Good to get those bowel movements, especially when your medications keep you constipated no matter how much fiber you eat or how much water you drink.

The perfect bedtime routine: Bedtime Yoga (6) + Daily Neck Relief (7)

No description is needed……

Okay, so that is it for this month’s 10 Days Of…. I definitely need to work on recording my thoughts daily rather than what I did here. I mean I was filling the table daily, but I want to share my thoughts both during doing it and after finishing it.


Have you ever tried doing Yoga? Do you enjoy it? What should I try next? 


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