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Book Writing #2: Camp NanoWrimo Week 2 Wrap Up!

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Week two in a Nutshell


I was freaking out at the beginning of the week because I knew where the story was going, but I could not wrap my head around how I could get there. Up until last week, I had an outline of what each chapter is going to revolve around, and now I got nothing. I need to squeeze in an hour to outline what will happen in the next 10 chapters ASAP!

This week, I missed a day, and I didn’t even manage to write 100 words. I was feeling a little bit under the weather, and my mixed headaches were being so extra that day, so I had to have a self-care day.

BUT! I have been reaching my daily writing goal, and the story is evolving in my mind into something bigger and better from what I first had in mind.

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Name of the Series: The Order of Discordia

Book Name: Untitled 

Genre: Dystopian YA SFF 

Overview: A Mental Health SFF that takes place in Egypt and Outer Space ft Greek Mythology!

A line  I wrote this week: I guess fiction was never far-fetched. It was the reality, in a nutshell, disguised to shelter our souls from the horrific acts that co-exist with us in this world.”

Words Written this week: 9.4 K

Current Word Count: 48K


How is your story coming along? Did you struggle with writing this week? How did you overcome that?




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