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10 Days of… #0.5 / Doing 1 Hour of Yoga!


This is inspired by Lucie Fank’s, Try living with Lucie. I am a huge fan of her work, so I’ve decided to do something similar!

This, in my opinion, is the perfect way to discover and implement new, healthy habits. 5 days would be too short of a time for me to stick to a new habit, so I opted for the more reasonable duration of 10 days.

I will be posting polls on my twitter feed, and perhaps on the blog as well, so you, the reader, could help me pick things to try. If you like the topic, and want to join me on this journey, tell me and I’ll share a link to your post in my blogpost. We can even chat about our experiences!!


Hello and welcome to the very 1st post of my new blog series, 10 days of! Before I start, I just want to explain something. If you see a point 5 (.5) in the title, it means that I am just announcing what I chose to do for 10 days. Those posts will usually end with me asking for your suggestions, so you could help me pick what I would be trying next. 

Okay! So I decided to make 10 days of doing 1 Hour of yoga/ day because where I come from, yoga is such a taboo, hippie activity for people to Kumbaya.

I know, it is ridiculous!

However, when I actually started going to Yoga classes, I was just spellbound. I came out of the class super energetic, very sweaty, and with my headaches toning their attitude down a bit . I never thought that I would say the words “I” and “energetic” in the same sentence, so that should mean something. Ask my friends, if  I were a book, my tagline would be “I am tired.”

My migraines and tension headaches get worse year after year, and working out is no longer an activity that I could afford to do. If I cycle for 25 minutes, I pass out for 5 hours because of my headaches. However, Yoga helps me move my body, get that healthy dose of working out, while sedating the constant headache pain. It is magical

I need to begin incorporating it into my daily life, and extend the duration of my practice. I plan on getting off my medication soon, which is something that I am going to discuss in my first post of  “Chronicles of a Spoonie”, which is also a new blog series so stay tuned.


Don’t forget to tune in for my next post, where I discuss the challenges I faced and the benefits I reaped while doing this 10 days of… challenge. Feel free to join me.

I was thinking of creating a snapchat account, so that you can visually see me daily incorporate those changes, but I don’t know. Would you be interested in that?

Also, leave your suggestions, and tell me what you want me to try next. I will take your suggestions, and turn them into a poll in my next post.



4 thoughts on “10 Days of… #0.5 / Doing 1 Hour of Yoga!

  1. Hell yeah to yoga! Best thing ever. I’d love to join you but I can’t until I get my knees in a better place. Looking forward to seeing how it goes for you!

    As far as Snapchat, I wouldn’t check in because I don’t have room for that on any of my devices. I have a friend who posts time-lapse videos of her series on Instagram pretty regularly. There’s no room for sound or chat there though…

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