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Book Review- Cogling: Hypnosis, slavery, and the power of magical beings!

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When fifteen-year-old Edna Mather tears an expensive and unfamiliar pocket watch off her little brother’s neck, he crumbles into a pile of cogs right before her eyes. Horrified, Edna flees for help, but encounters Ike, a thief who attempts to steal the watch before he realizes what it is: a device to power Coglings—clockwork changelings left in place of stolen children who have been forced to work in factories.

Desperate to rescue her brother, Edna sets off across the kingdom to the hags’ swamp, with Ike in tow. There, they learn Coglings are also replacing nobility so the hags can stage a rebellion and rule over humanity. Edna and Ike must stop the revolt, but the populace believes hags are helpful godmothers and healers. No one wants to believe a lowly servant and a thief, especially when Ike has secrets that label them both as traitors.

Together, Edna and Ike must make the kingdom trust them or stop the hags themselves, even if Ike is forced to embrace his dark heritage and Edna must surrender her family.


My Review:

This is probably my very 1st steampunk novel to read, and I am glad to say that I absolutely loved it.

This is the story of a girl called Edna, who goes on a crazy journey to save her kidnapped brother from the hags ( Women with magic). With the help of a thief named Ike, and several other magical creatures, they end up uncovering a dark secret that the authorities were sleeping on. 

Get ready to be constantly rolling with the punches because plot twists will come at you from all sides!

Jordan created a very unique storyline that is set in a world that is kind of a magical take on the current world that we live in. It has some very subtle and well weaved political undertones that will make you think twice before drawing a clear line between who/ what is just evil, or just good.It also highlights important problems such as slavery, child labor, and human trafficking.

The characters and world building were done perfectly, and the phrases that came before every chapter were nothing but pure magic!

I really enjoyed this luscious tale about Nix, Ogres, dragons, humans, and their existence in the spin off version of our current society. I will definitely be reading more books by Jordan in the near future.

I received a review copy in exchange with an honest review.


You can now get Cogling for only 99 cents!

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