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#MHBookBingo 2018 Wrap Up!



Ayah, it is the 9th of February!!! Isn’t it  kind of too late for you to post this? 

*Sighs* I know, I know! However, I am still going to do this.

Last month, January, we (Wendy, Sar, Laura, Inge, Christine, and yours truly) hosted our very 1st Mental Health Book Bingo. To learn more about this, click here. We hosted a a vast variety of activities, like twitter chats, author chats, author interviews, and reading sprints. Here is a wrap up/ summary of what I did during January.



Unfrounatly, I wasn’t lucky when it came to reading good mental health books! From the 5 books I read, only two were good. I also didn’t get a bingo. 

Here is my bingo sheet:

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 5.36.49 PM.png

“P.S: the books placed upside down means that they didn’t have good MH Rep, or was full of MH stereotypes”


The 1st book I read was Eating Disorder: Something  Deeper.


I never thought that I would read such bullshit from a nonfiction book. Read my review here.


The 2nd book I read was The Girl in Between #1


 A Mental Health book that hits close to home. Read my review here.


The 3rd book I read was Ending the cycle of Abuse: How I Overcame Childhood Abuse and Became a Good Father.


He decided that he can get over it by just saying that he is what he sets himself to be. Read my review here.


The 4th book I read was Normalish.


Full of Mental Health stereotypes. I preferred the book’s sequel, My Friends are all Strange. Read my review here.


My 5th and Last book was Under Rose-Tainted Skies.


Norah’s voice, and the actions of the people who love & support her are so unique & precious that I didn’t want this story to come to an end. Read my review here.



Author chats:

I hosted an author chat with Louise Gornall, the author of Under Rose Tainted Skies, which was amazing! I also chatted with the founder+ Editor (Hannah) & Graphic designer (Jenny ) of Hello me, it’s you, which was also amazing!  Search @BingoMH and #mhbbchat to read those chats.



Blog Posts to check out:





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