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Book Review- Noah the Narwhal by Judith Klausner & Sarah Gould

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“Today is not yesterday”, is my new motto. Here is why.

Noah the Narwhal is an #OwnVoices picture book that Reps Chronic Pain, migraines to be more specific. I’ve been struggling with chronic pain for many years, and I was only diagnosed 5 years ago.

For the 1st time in my life, I’ve been blessed with reading a character experiencing migraines as what they really are. Open any other book, and you will see how authors replaced the phrase “bad headache” with migraines. I don’t know what kind of person would manage to win fight scene, despite having a migraine.

If you are thinking ‘Ugh, why are those diverse readers always nagging about bad representation?”, hear me out.

Such uneducated, ignorant remarks are why this world is so messed up, and yes! It is both. uneducated and ignorant remarks. Here a real life conversation that I’ve had with my friends. 

Friend: “Ayah, are you okay?”OR ” You look tired; you need to fix your sleeping schedule”

Me:”Not really, I have a migraine.”

Friend: “We all have headaches, just take some painkillers. I always carry painkillers in my bag because all of this Uni work gives me headaches.”

Me: ………..

If you are wondering why I didn’t try to explain what a migraine is, it is because we were pharmacy students. We have studied migraines, and they got way better grades than me, yet check out that ridiculous and ignorant mentality! 

I love how the author showed  what Noah goes through when he tells people that he is sick. How it feels to be questioned and judged by people you know. I also liked how people were finally able to see and understand what Noah was going through. That he will be loved and respected despite his invisible illness.

The illustrations are so colorful and beautiful!

I have never related to a character as much as I did with Noah…. I might have even cried while reading it.

I received a review copy from the author in exchange with an honest review.




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