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Book Review- Love, Hate & Other Filters: Fluffy moments, bigotry, and life.

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Basic Keywords and Intro:

  • Own Voices: Muslim debut Novel
  • YA Contemporary 
  • First Person Point of View + 3rd person interludes
  • A Coming of Age Novel
  • Maya, an Indian-American Muslim teen, faces Islamophobia after a horrific terror attack occurs.
  • Maya is also torn apart between being a good girl & doing everything her parents expect of her, and following her dreams & maybe dating a guy whom I won’t say his name.
  • The switch between fluffy moments and some twisted real life current events, is done so well.

“I’m scared for the hijabi girls I know getting their scarves pulled off while they’re walking down a sidewalk—or worse. I’m scared of being the object of fear and loathing and suspicion again. Always.”

2Points to address:

  1. Indian Muslim Teen Protagonist
  • Own Voices
  • I love how this book isn’t a 100% depiction of what being a Muslim or/and Indian is.
  • The line between what the Indian culture or/ and what Islam is, is very clear and obvious.
  • This is what books need to be doing.
  • Some people loved the Rep, while others disliked it. 
  • This proves the following quote to be true.” Don’t confuse the message with the messenger.
  • Honestly, I strongly believe that we need to have stories from all messengers.

2. Writing Style

  • Very easy and fast to read.
  • Samira is going to treat you to a feast that will satisfy your senses.
  • The third person interludes…………

3. Balancing themes

  • When I started reading the book, it was so cute and fluffy that I forgot the book’s blurb.
  • When the terror attack happened, I was like nooooooo!
  • Why can’t we have a nice fluffy story with a Muslim Protagonist.
  • However, it was unfortunately very accurate when it came to representing the current world that we live in
  • The author managed to swiftly cover both topics adequately.

4. Other characters

  • From bigotry driven characters, to friendship goals, this book bears it all.
  • Fictional characters  that I need in my very un-fictional, very realistic life would be Violet and Hina.
  • If I need to pick one of them, then I definitely need Hina in my life
  • Both of those characters were very supportive whenever Maya needed them.

5. College vs thy dream career

  • I really loved how the book covered this topic.
  • Maya is into filmography.
  • Her love for filming is more than just a hobby; it is who she is.
  • Of course, her parents want her to get a degree in something that will guarantee a secured, well payed job when she graduates.
  • This aspect on its own managed to touch my soul, and woke up 17 years old me.

“Everyone at the party was telling me you’re so thin,” she adds. There is no acceptable in-between for Hyderabadi moms. You’re either too skinny or a little too chubby.

2Things I liked:

  • How this book isn’t a 100% depiction of what being a Muslim or/and Indian is.
  • The third person interludes.
  • Mixing the fluff with the ugly truth.
  • HINA!!!!!
  • The “ following my dream vs Parent’s opinion” theme.
  • LHAOF is a brilliant, own voices debut novel!!!

2Things I didn’t like:

  • I didn’t get to see Maya’s thoughts on her religion. 
  • We get to see her parents talking about it.
  • We get to see Kareem mention it, but nothing from Maya.

2I received an eARC in exchange with an honest review.






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