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Book Review + Giveaway- Realm FM: The craziest thing that I’ve ever read!!

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“Depends. In some realms we were created by aliens. To them, we’re nothing more than drones. In others, we’re part of a high schooler’s science experiment―we’re just sea monkeys. In others, we’re simulations, living in the matrix.”

Basic Keywords and Intro:

–  A whimsical Sci-Fi story.

–  First Person Point of View.

–  Amy got fired for swearing on air, and if she doesn’t find a new job ASAP, she has no choice but to go back to Australia.

–  Her sister’s ex got her a new radio hosting job at Realm FM.

–  Realm FM is an intersectional radio station that exists in a wormhole.

–  This means that all dimensions, except this one, can listen and join as guests. 

–  She also has to pass “the trials”, which is hard because she never knows when they’re happening. 

–  An entertaining, fast read.

“Ready to sign your life away?” “This better not be some Illuminati deal I’m making,”

2Points to address:

1)  The storyline

–  A radio that airs in every single realm of this universe.

–  Yes! This includes parallel universes, where things such as Hilary Clinton becoming  the president  have occurred.

–  Amy’s new job is literally, “OUT of THIS WORLD”.

–  Tyrolin comes up with the craziest/ weirdest ideas ever!!!!!

–  Did you know that there is a realm where alien cows milk humans???

2)  Politics ??

–  On her 1st day, she offends an entire race by calling the Sasquatch mayor “ BigFoot”, making her the most racist person on that specific Realm.

–  Getting backlashed on something a person couldn’t have known could be a bit shocking, but how they act afterwards highlights what kind of person they are. 

–  I believe this was done to record this contemporary issue; as well as, to make Amy’s character flawed.

3) The Author:

–  Tyrolin does’t just write and publish a book, NOPE!!!

–  She goes and interviews her characters on her youtube channel. Watch it here

–  She co-hosts a podcast that is basically Realm FM. Listen to it here

–  Also, I really like how Amy reminds me of Tyrolin.

“Ah, we’re told it’s similar to Realm 4, except our water is toxic. Oh, and Hillary Clinton made president in 2008. Other than that, we’re pretty similar.”


Things I liked:

– This books is probably the craziest thing that I’ve ever read. Yeah, that is a compliment!!

– The little pokes of current events that Tyrolin threw into the mix, #genius.

–  The Romance and the characters.

“Do you ever wonder if maybe America wasn’t the right place for us? What if they don’t like us because they’re racist?” Giving up on my coffee, I lean back, wincing when my shirt sticks to the back of the seat. How the hell is the back of a seat so sticky? “We’re two white girls and we’re Australian. Do you even know what racist means?”


Things I didn’t like:

–  Comparing someone’s behavior to a mental illness is a huge turn off for me.

“I mentioned his name and you went from chipper to depressed in 0.3 seconds. It was the most intense bi-polar episode I’ve ever witnessed.”

I received an eARC in exchange with an honest review.




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