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Prom, Magic, And Other Man-Made Disasters: A magical fantasy story with a side of Fairy tale retellings & a topping of High School Drama.



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“Can’t you just do what he did and pop out?”

 “Absolutely not! He used blood, and I will not taint my soul.” .

 Of course the bad guy uses blood sacrifice to fuel his magic. No wonder villains spent so much time laughing. They had it in the bag. Right, stop thinking like a villain.”

2Basic Keywords and Intro:

– The 1st book in the Settfyrian Chronicles.

–  First person POV.

– When Tessa’s long-time crush tells her that he is in love with her best friend (Maria), her world goes upside down.

– Little did she know that this was nothing compared to what is about happen.

– Tessa takes Sean, the new, mysterious guy in school, to the double date that Maria insisted on.

-Then, a wizard kidnaps Maria, mistaking her for a very powerful mage.

– That powerfully magician is actually Tessa, and the kidnapper is Sean’s father.


– Tessa would stop at nothing to save her best friend, even if it means getting captured by the wizard.

 – Tessa and Sean’s relationship is like a blurred line.

–  One moment, he is teaching her how to embrace her magical powers and falling for her, the other he is protecting her from his father.

-Oh!! Did I forget to mention that Sean sometimes…… helps his father?

“And what plan was that?” 

“Plan A: Go there. Rescue Maria. Leave.” I ticked them off on my fingers. 

“And Plan B?” Tarisk asked. 

“See Plan A.” 

He rubbed his chin. “I’m worried the second step could use some fleshing out.”

2Points to address:

1) The Magical Fantasy element.

  • It is little things that are sprinkled throughout the entire story that make the story magical.
  • For example,  magical trees that supply the characters with things that they need.

2) The Fairy tale retelling aspect

– I never saw it coming!!!

– I didn’t expect this book to have a fairy tale retelling factor, but it was perfectly executed.

– I am not going to tell you which fairy tale is featured here, so you’ll have to figure it out yourself.

– I wonder if we get a new fairy tale retelling in every new Settfyrian Chronicles book.

3) Politics

– I really struggled understanding  this book’s Politics.

– So many new words were used to name and divide different characters into different ( species?), Families, and political views.

“Well, if wishes were dishes, we’d wash them in a river of sorrow and never run dry.”

2Things I liked:

  • The World Building
  • Interesting storyline
  • Kickass MC 
  • Quirky punchlines
  • How the book featured a fairy tale retelling.

“You are not what I expected.”

 “What did you expect, some perfect, well-trained person who knew what they were doing and could solve all of your problems with the wave of a wand?” 

“Someone with respect.” 

“Respect? I’m not the one who pulled us all off a cliff! 

2Things I didn’t like:

–   It was a bit difficult for me to understand the Political aspects.

–  I still don’t really get it.

–  I am going to keep an eye on the reviews as they get posted. Maybe someone is going to explain/ mention how the politics in that world function because I am still interested in reading the next installment of the Settfyrian Chronicles.

2I received an eARC in exchange with an honest review.





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