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Introducing: Mental Health Book Bingo!!


What is it?

A Bingo read-a-thon for Mental health books that was created by Wendy @ whatthelog  . It is a month long read-a-thon that was inspired by Shenwei’s

( @ (AS)(I)AN (AM)ERICA ) Asian Lit bingo.


When is it?

January!!! Join the very 1st #BingoMH on the January of 2018.


How can I Participate?

Make sure to follow us on our Twitter account @BingoMh.

Tag your Tweets with #MHBookBingo

Download this beautiful Bingo Sheet, and try to get a bingo by reading an entire line of Prompts. Extra points if you read more than that!



Who is hosting it? 

Wendy @whatthelogsaid





Ayah Assem (moi) 


Should my reading list be limited to #Ownvoices?

Nope. I mean #Ownvoices is always a better choice, but you can read any Mental Health book.


So, we only read in this event?

Nope!!! We also have some authors joining us for twitter chats and interview blogposts.


Here is the Schedule:

January 3rd: UK Twitter chat

January 10th: Twitter chat with Louise Gornall

January 17th: Australasia Twitter chat

January 24th: Akemi Dawn Bowman interview

January 25th: US Twitter Chat

January 28th: Katrina Leno interview

January 29th: Twitter chat with Mariam

January 30th: Twitter chat with hello me it’s you


Will there be any prizes, and are they INTL?

YES! The person who reads and crosses off prompts the most, will receive a prize. The prize will include the winner’s choice of a Mental Health book; as well as, some awesome goodies.


Who designed those beautiful graphics?

A huge thank you to the talented  CW @ artfromafriend, for creating this beautiful Bingo Board, and the wonderful Sar @ Reading to Recover for designing our stunning  logo!


I really hope that you join us this January. If you do, please feel free to make your own reading list for this read-a-thon, and tag us. I would like to know what everyone is going to read.


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