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Book Review: DayBlack Volume 2 by Keef Cross



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DayBlack is the story of Merce, a former slave who was bitten by a vampire in the cotton fields. Four hundred years later, he works as a tattoo artist in the small town of DayBlack. The town has a sky so dense with pollution that the sun is nowhere to be seen, allowing Merce to move about freely, night or day. This second volume in the series continues to follow Merce as he learns the hard way to never be caught with his pants down, and his nightmares become flesh as loved ones he thought long dead suddenly appear at his doorstep—looking for blood. The dynamic black and white depictions are cleverly detailed with cross hatching, shadow lines, and skillful use of negative space.


My Review:

One of my favorite things about this Graphic Novel is that Keef Cross is both, the author and the illustrator.

Volume 2 is dived into 3 different parts, but the typical theme of having dreams seems to stop after the 2nd part. I believe that this series could be one of those comics that keep on coming with new additions to the story for several years.

Since we know so little about Merce’s present, and almost nothing about his past, the author gets the opportunity to show us more about Merce with each issue. A little bit of crazy dreams from his past, mixed with a little bit of surprise visits in the present.

The illustrations are still my favorite thing about this novel; they are so beautiful, complex, a dark.

This Volume is filled Funny, Satiric, and Political events. It is still a very graphic novel,so it is not for everyone.

I received an eARC in exchange with an honest review.




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