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Graphic Novel Review: The Little Red Wold by Amélie Fléchais


Title: The Little Red Wold 

Illustrator: Amélie Fléchais

Publisher:  Diamond Book Distributors

Publication Date: October 3rd 2017 

Genre: Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Fairy tale retelling

Format: Ebook

My Rating: 4/5 stars



Lose yourself in in the dark forests of Amelie Flechais’ spectacular artwork. A young wolf, on a journey to bring his grandmother a rabbit, is charmed by the nice little girl who offers to help him… but nice is not the same as good. A haunting fairy tale for children and adults alike.

My Review:

So a lot of the 2 star/ low rating given to this book is because it is “so dark and twisted to be read to children” or ” Who would read this as a bedtime story”. And yes, I understand and respect those point of views, but let me tell you something. I would have fell involve with this Graphic Novel if it was gifted to me as kid. I love dark, gritty, twisted stories. Love Tim Burton’s Work and Edgar Allan Poe’s writing. And I am sure that I am not the only one. Okay? Now let me talk about why I really like The Little Red Wolf!


The title because it implied a theme that is very similar to one of my WIP! Sure, I was a bit disappointed to figure out that my story isn’t going to be 100% original, but in the end inspiration is never equivalent to a copycat. So here is to being hit by the same inspiration arrow.

The illustrations. Those were ” Dark, twisted, and Gritty in the most beautiful way ever. I would sometimes stay on the page for a few minutes after reading it, just to dwell on the illustration’s beauty.

The Twist at the end of the story that brought me back to life after being bit bored with how predictable the storyline was. The twist had me ” Like Whoa”.


I received an eARC in exchange with an honest review.



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