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Book Review: Panic by Lauren Oliver


Title: Panic

Author: Lauren Oliver

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication Date: March 4th 2014

Genre: YA, Mystery, Contemporary

Format: Paperback

Review: 4/ 5 stars

Links:  AmazonGoodreads 



At first, I was very disappointed with direction this book was taking. People were comparing the plot of Panic to that of  books like the Hunger Games. This made me expect a chaotic, dystopian world where teenagers play dangerous games. It was none of those things! Well there were some games that were kind of dangerous, but nothing epic; nothing some reckless teenagers might do for fun . I believe this why the book received lots mixed reviews.  I believe that they were hugely disappointed  because I have not read The Hunger Games, or even the entire blurb of Panic, and I was not liking what I was reading. But once you throw your expectation out of the window and start reading more, you will be hooked. 

Panic turns out to be a game created to grand the winner a ticket out of this miserable town. People are willing to do stupid things; things that could sometimes get them killed or arrested! But nothing matters, not even a person’s own safety or dignity, if the prize is a clean Getaway. 

One of my favorite things about this book is the character development! Oh, it was outstanding. For example, you have Heather, our female protagonist.  At first, I could not stand her! She was a senior who is acting like a 13 years old. As I continued reading, she began to grow; or shall I say, metamorphosis! Through life experience, challenges , Panic, and uncovering everyone’s true intentions, I began to see her grow and mature. The same is true to all of the other characters. This is a story of going through experiences and learning what life is all about!

I also loved how we saw the story from two distinctive point of views; Heather’s and Dodge’s.

Conversations are just pact with humor, sarcasm, love, and hate. It is a story that takes the readers on a luxurious ship that is drowning in all of these emotions, making the ocean devour every bit of our souls. As usual , Lauren Oliver’s writing traps you in a beautiful story, and it won’t set you free until you finish reading.

I ended up really enjoying Panic! I think that the story is sort of a moral one. It gives you an insight on growing up and sorting your priorities, friendship, and much more. I think the book is a very realistic fiction that casts upon us certain Truths about the world that we live in. 


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