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Book Review: My Friends Are All Weird by Margaret Lesh



Title: My Friends Are All Strange

Author: Margaret Lesh


Publication Date:  October 16th, 2016

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Mental Illness

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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I received a review copy in exchange with an honest review.

The story begins with Becca, a high school student and our MC, taking her clothes off in her school’s cafeteria. All of the school stress, sleep deprivation because of her insomnia, and having a wizard that is always talking to her in her head, lead to that mental breakdown.

She is directly admitted to a psychiatric facility to begin her recovery journey. She meets and befriends other people, Like Kat who had a tragic past that makes have a short span memory, and Bobby, who might seem to be normal, but tends to have sudden outbursts .

How Becca thinks and feels is done in such an exquisite way, that you are able to connect, feel, and kind of understand the weight of “what does it mean to struggle  and live with Mental Illness.”

After being admitted to this facility, Becca begins her road towards self-recovery. I like how Margaret was able to show how this is an extremely bumpy road; how after doing well for so long, a person could be sucked back in. It is a continuous battle to take; how getting up every time you fall is hard, yet very crucial. I, myself , am struggling to work on this book review because I feel so low right now, but I can’t give up. I, at least, need to try and yell no to the negativity that is creeping inside my mind.

There was also a point were Becca realized that she isn’t normal, nor are her friends in this facility. They are all strange people who look okay from the exterior. But being strange isn’t a bad thing, it simply means that MUNDANES might not always understand why they are acting like that. Yet still, there are people who truly love them. Love them the way they are, and not who they want them to be.

The author also touched on how sometimes being strange could be a burden to the people they love. Low Self-Worth and and feeling like they are selfish, intertwine when it comes to this Matter. However, every relationship is a two-way street. Don’t assume that you are not worth fighting for just because this is how you feel. It might surprise you how many people are not just willing, but wanting to fight these battles with you, for you.

The only thing that pissed me was how a girl who was abused by her boyfriend was working on an Afghan in one of the scenes. It is as if saying” You know, because Afghanistan is such a barbaric country”. I doubt that this was the authors intentions, by wordings these days are everything. Like how many people think terrorism when the hear the word Islam.

I am wondering if we are going to get a sequel, or at least companion novel that revolves around certain characters who were with Becca in the Facility.

This was an emotional ride for me. I give it 4/5 stars.

6520784About the Author:

California native Margaret Lesh lives in a narrow canyon populated by herds of wild burro and packs of coyote. The canyon is also populated with her creative, handsome husband, her feisty mother-in-law, her not-brave-at-all Border Collie, Echo, and sometimes her son (who is away at college. And she is not quite sure how that all happened so fast).

She writes books to entertain young and not-so-young readers as well as herself. She believes tacos are magic.

Visit her website:

Twitter @MargaretLesh



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