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Book Review: God Smites and Other Muslim Girl Problems by Ishara Deen


Title: God Smites and other Muslim Girl Problems

Author:  Ishara Deen

Publisher: Deeya Publishing Inc.

Publication Date: January 15th 2017

Genre: YA

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I received a review copy in exchange with an honest review.

A muslim version of Nancy Drew?????? Gimme that book!

Asiya is a Canadian-Bengali teenager who always obeys her parents, even if they are really strict, and might give her ridiculous demands.

Although my parents were never that strict, I was happy to see this #ownvoices representation. A lot of muslim girls would be able to relate to the main character for the first time in their lives, thanks to Ishara’s book.

She even dedicates this book to them.

“For all the girls who were never told someone like them could, not even in books.”

For Asiya, boys are definitely a big no-no. And she doesn’t disobey her parents, until she went for a walk alone in the woods, and coincidentally,  meets Micheal  ( her crush). She equates what her mother told her and how she felt, and decides to run away from Micheal. That is when she stumbles on a dead body!

” Me + Boy= invitation for Satan”

Micheal is a suspect, and someone else is wrongly blamed, can Asiya help them out? Even with a jerk, Islamophobic cop on the case?

Although this book covers a lot of some muslim girl problems, that doesn’t mean that only muslim girls could enjoy it. It is a light, enjoyable read for everyone.

It also shows how some Kids tend to kiss and tell everything because they believe it is a sin, but if he himself does it, it doesn’t matter!

The book covers how some Asian  and Middle Eastern are even more strict when it comes to grades.

‘And there it was, the magic key that made the biggest sacrifices okay in our family: higher education.’

I love how Asiya went from obeying her parents, to developing a new kind of emotion, to actually trying to connect with God, to understanding what wrong and right means, to rebuilding her parents’ trust.

I  enjoyed reading this book! We really need more Muslim MC in literature.  Thank you Ishara for writing this one

I give it 4/5 stars.


About the Author

Ishara Deen, author of God Smites and Other Muslim Girl Problems, is also a copywriter and grad-school dropout. She did finish a Master’s degree in World Lit, but still prefers a good mystery, fantasy, or romance over “literature.” She’s a hobby-collecting nerd, the latest of which are archery and bass guitar, and her goal in life is to write and publish what scares her, because it’s likely to scare the people that put that fear in her even more.


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