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Yes, I am a Muslim #1


About the series :

This is going to be a series where I share my stories as a Muslim encountering mostly , normal day to day activities . It is sad that I feel the need to write this, but let it be my way of saying NO to Islamophobia . *  Sings Fight Song by Rachel Platten*

Expect everything ; from journal entries, to my opinions on the current events, this series will bare it all. I will probably squeeze in the fact that Allah is God in Arabic, and not actually a demonic thing like people think. * Insert laughing hysterically emoji * * Insert a sad, disappointed emoji*

    ************************    Yes, I am a Muslim #1          ****************************

“Ayah, here you go . I have filled your University’s Internship evaluation form.”
I look to find her holding the stapled papers. She gives me my evaluation, pauses to fix her pink scarf, then returns to her office space.I start by reading the general comment at the end of the evaluation ; it is very positive ! This encourages me to look at the table, which contains detailed information about Technical and Professional skills. It had the following scale :

1= Unsatisfactory    2=Below Average    3= Satisfactory     4=Above Average   5 =Excellent

Out of the 20 questions asked, I only got 7 of the Four , and 5 of the Five. This means that I got total of 8 Satisfactory. Disappointment took over me for a little bit, then I realized something. Something that I believe in and preach people by for many years. What is it , though?

It is the fact that Excellent shouldn’t be what you expect to see each time you do something. In school,for example,  as long as I feel like I did my very best, and gained a lot of new information, an A was no longer a goal. Because believe it or not,not everyone has the best recalling ability, no matter how much they revise.  If everyone was the best at everything they do, then what makes any scaling matter.

The reason why I haven’t recognized this as soon as I saw my *Rating??* is because I never got a chance to get such a precise critique for anything work related. School, that is where I practiced my belief, but now, I get to unlock any door that is closed in front  of me. It is surprising how such events open my mind towards how other people feel & react. I truly thank Allah for all of these blessings that are covered with misleading, auxiliary labels that might read as ( Don’t Open) , but are actually ( I want you to understand more)

My name is Ayah, and I am about to start my senior year in Pharmacy. I have made it so far in such a memorizing based education, although memorization is something that I suck at. I have walked into a cave that has dragons breathing fire with every step I take, but here I am. Still standing; still fighting. Taking their hot flames, and turing them into lanterns to light up my way.

Oh, and I am a ( Meets Expectations ) In Patient pharmacy trainee. Guess what ?

I am proud of it .


9 thoughts on “Yes, I am a Muslim #1

  1. I am also a Muslimah and have had enough of the narrative of the other. Thank God I saw your post! I’m not the only one thinking that it’s time that we made our own narrative , phew! It’s sad we have to justify our daily practices and beliefs. We have played the peaceful majority part but have been ignored. We are not just numbers but voices. You wanna hear us roar? 😼 I intend to blog more on life as a normal human, whilst being Muslim to end mindless assumptions on how we must live. And to bring down enigma and mystery behind a religion that is likeable once you get past the media brain soap.

    Look forward to seeing more posts like this from you 😁

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