Creative Writing · Short Story

Entrapment: Sandstorm (An Original Short Story)


The sound of thunder forces my eyes wide open. I find myself half buried in this sea of sand . No creature seems to be crawling, just hollow bones are to be found. Could I be the last soul roaming this world, or did I just take an uncommon road? I walk aimlessly in this dessert, without even a mirage to give me a false hope. Nothing from my past could be remembered , so how am I supposed to overcome this. Without a past or even a future dream, how can I survive the present?
A cool breeze passes me by, accompanying me on this journey of why. Why am I here, I whisper to the wind passing me by. As if responding to me, the wind carries bits of sand and twirls around in a swift motion.Its movement blurs my vision. I welcome the pain caused by the sand in my eyes because I believe that feeling pain is feeling alive. The pain triggers fuzzy images from my past. About how I was on the rise , and lost sight of what I stand for. Guilt settles inside of me, although the reasons are still not clear.It seems that I have been climbing the tower of a Sand castle, and my legs tremble with every step. Pebbles arise from the ground, forming knights with armors and swords. I am an intruder , so mercy is not  to be expected . What used to look like a perfect place is now a battlefield. The knights strike at me all at once. I am outnumbered and encircled by these creatures of stone, and the reason of why I am being attacked is still unknown. As if the circumstances were not bad enough, a sand storm emerges in. I am the only one who feels wobbly , cause the stone knights are still on the move. The ground begins to swallow me up, and the swords are only inches away from my body. I am entrapped , and there seems to be no way out. Now that I am about perish, I figured out why I am here. Answers to why these knights hate me are now clear. I am not just an intruder, but also a betrayer. I used to rule this masterpiece , used to be their queen, but gave it all up for selfish reasons.

Only then, after tempting fate and running away with hate, I see the the weight of my mistakes. If only the clock could turn back, I promise to make every single crystal of Ignorance crack. A prayer escapes by breath, loud and clear. My past is regretted and a second chance is the only future wished for. As if responding to the purity within, which shines among this dark cave of moths, all of the sand is swallowed, along with all of the the armored knights. I feel a rotatory movement, and I find myself sitting on the solid porcelain ground.

No more skeletons, no more sand, everything is gone ,just like that. People walk around , caught up in their own Dilemmas. I dust off my shoulders, but there is always traces of sand. I look up to the sky to uncover what many others do not see. Sand falling , gracefully and invisibly as a light pixie. My entrapment in the sandstorm makes absolute sense and my prayer of second chance is now my present.

I watch with my mind wide open and observe what my eyes have failed to see. I am soul living inside an Hour Glass , and only amid  the darkness I became consciously and wisely aware. How many times will I stand in the eye of the Sandstorm to wake up? How many times will I be given a second chance? Whatever the answers are, my latest entrapment has enlightened me. At least for now, I can walk a couple of right steps.


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