2016 · Journal · Ramadan

Blogging Daily During Ramadan : Day 3


I am seriously considering to change the name of this series. I mean , having 5 posts up by the 20th of Ramadan is definitely not ” Blogging Daily during Ramadan” !I am currently working on two other posts. One is about what  happened in Orlando, and the other  is going to be my review/ theory of the Youtube Series, (Don’t Hug Me. I Am Scared).

Anyways, today’s post is going to be another poem. I wrote this before today’s sunrise .


You’ve done a lot of great things,
But these simply don’t;
No, they really don’t,
Shatter your sins towards me !
You are a mortal;
Yes, I know.
And on lust we prone !But when you decide,
To seek forgiveness ;
Just let it go ;
You don’t deserve another 2nd Go.

A human will never be God !
You used up all of your chances ,
And ran out of shots ;
Now go and search for another slot !


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