2016 · Journal · Ramadan

Blogging Daily during Ramadan : Day 1


“What ? Ramadan is tomorrow?”
Younger sister: “Yes !”
“So tonight we are going to have sohoor * السحور instead of dinner?”

Y.sister: “Yup!”

I jump in joy , and she simply laughs.

A few hours before dawn , I realized that what we usually eat during sohoor doesn’t suit my current plant based lifestyle. I quit dairy and eggs a few months ago, so no omelets, yogurt, or Laban ( Fermented Milk) for me. We usually also have Fool ( fava beans) * فول, which fits perfectly with what I could eat, but I wanted to add more variety to my meal .

Like Freelee always says: ” Carb the fuck up”; so I prepared a simple, yet delicious meal . Mashed potatoes with mushroom and Sriracha sauce . I also ate a Foul sandwich with some vegetables.

With the sound of Fajer *الفجر prayer, we all stopped eating and drinking, prayed, then went to sleep.

I woke up during the afternoon, feeling thirsty but not hungry . My dad had just came back from work, and asked if anyone would like to go for jog before Iftar * الإفطار (the meal that we have to break our fasting) . He also said that we would walk around a unique place; I was so down with this. No one came with us, though.

We were strolling through the Old Jeddah; it is very historic, old, and beautiful ! We took lots selfies, and I snapped almost all of it.


I couldn’t resist the beauty of the pattern & colors of this Masjid’s ( Mosque’s) *المسجد window , so I took a few pictures of it !


An old, yet a pretty building. I wonder what are the stories of the people who used to live here !


These are Fawanees ( singular=Fanoos) فوانيس رمضان, which are Ramadan Lanterns. They are simply, stunning !


Sunset was a few minutes away; we took this as a sign to go back home for Iftar *الإفطار.

On our way back to home, we heard the Maghrib prayer صلاة المغرب, which means that now we can break our fast! During this time of the day, many people stood on the sideways of the street and distributed water, dates, and laban. A very kind looking guy gave us each a bag full these things, and that is how we broke our fast.

Upon arriving home, we all had the delicious meal that my mother has prepared. It was one of my favorite meals,( Mah-shi) محشي= “stuffed vegetables” like zucchini, tomatoes, and cabbage.

After eating, I went to my room and read twenty-something pages of the Islamic Holy Book, the Quran *القرآن الكريم. Afterwards , I decided to take a nap, which turned into 4 hours of sleeping!

Stay tuned for Day 2 !


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