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Introducing 2 new blog series


During the last few days, events had occurred ( I mean duh! In every moment , events reserve a memory & time slot for themselves .) that have led me to come up with these two blog series.

Yes, I am a Muslim !


This is going to be a series where I share my stories as a Muslim encountering mostly , normal day to day activities . It is sad that I feel the need to write this, but let it be my way of saying NO to Islamophobia . *  Sings Fight Song by Rachel Platten*Expect everything ; from journal entries, to my opinions on the current events, this series will bare it all. I will probably squeeze in the fact that Allah is God in Arabic, and not actually a demonic thing like people think. * Insert laughing hysterically emoji * * Insert a sad,

disappointed emoji*

Through the Shattered Glass


In case the title didn’t give it all, Through the Shattered Glass is going to be my Grey Journal. I am going to document my lowest, darkest moments in life. It is also a Journal , but it will only display my darkest days, perhaps even a bit about the aftermath.

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